I’ve been neglecting my site. There’s a lot a I want to do with it, but I don’t really have the motivation for anything. I don’t really want to talk about myself because things aren’t going too well. I’ve basically gotten into a routine of distracting myself so I don’t think too much about things.

My daily routine as of late:

  • Quick morning workout (most days)
  • Sit outside, read, and drink caffeine
  • Playtime with pups
  • Watch YouTube videos
  • Watch Twitch streams or TV

Not very exciting. I’m still stuck in the in-between.

Some cool things that have made me happy lately:

  • My new caffeine source is Yerba Mate, thanks to one of my favorite content creators, Valkyrae.
  • I bought Corpse merch 😀
  • My Aries twin and I got matching tattoos.

Side note: How the heck is it already June?

Happy Pride month!

Published by Kayla Kenney

Editor. Writer. Reader. Animal lover. Couch potato.

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